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A scryer of great power who lives on Namor island that is hidden and protected by magical barriers. Her knowledge and abilities were famous across Eraterra. She took great pleasure in helping the less fortunate. ​

On many occasions she was present for the creation of soul trapping/casing. A magical extraction of energy from beings who were close to death or that did remarkable deeds in their life. The casing was then sent to the Conservator for keeping. This was a magical technique only used by the most advanced magic users. For a witch of positive energy, it had limitations when it could be administered… The life force had to be coming to an end or a magical packed had to be made because if it was used as an offensive spell it would consume to much of the good witches’ life and power, essentially ending their life. Whereas a dark magic caster would use it differently as their souls were already sold to evil.

During a tarot reading with a boy who unknowingly released a succubus with a spirit board, the Scryer found the demon had entrapped the King of Segroegs mind. She saw terrible things to come and a darkness that would bring about destruction of Eraterra.

She took this moment to quickly prepare and attack. Using her scrying glass as a transport, she appeared in the chambers of the Succubus (V’Sconia). Battling with brute force and magic. The Succubus almost escaped the wounded witch but Wihelmena caught her in a time freeze spell and entrapped her soul in a last-ditch effort. She knew by doing this though, it would also be her undoing as V’Sconias’ energy was too great. She did the incantation and set free the energy needed, as blinding light filled the room, The Succubus was trapped within a mind shattering vial.

​The Conservator came to gather the magical item, after witnessing the sacrifice of the Scryer, He took the remaining magic force from her dying body and encased it in a spectacular frosted vial. Thus, saving Wihelmenas’ essence.

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