Within the reefs of the K’cir sea lived Grydanian, the King of Allav, home to a peaceful race of sea urchins.

When his people started dying off from the pollution of the earth walkers, he set out on a quest to find a wish granter that lived in Rek-Rap river beneath the enchanted Trillimac forests.

​When he entered the caves found the Wish maker, he felt uneasy and untrusting but he was desperate, so he made his wish. To be a light among his people for eternity.

As Grydanian spoke his wish the Entity revealed himself to be an evil Telchine who manipulated the Kings words, perverting his wish to destroy the ancient city of Allav instead of save it. This would leave it polluted and murky enough to attack, The Telchine could not be exposed to the light of the sun or moon.

The Telchine twisted the water around the King, raised the dirt from his feet and the very lifeforce was flung from his lungs. Grydanian awoke, yet not breathing. As he looked around the room, he noticed that he was standing over a map of his kingdom that sat on a desk. He would forever be a light to his people but was powerless to save them now.

But all hope is not lost, some say that whoever possess the lamp can hear whispers in their dreams, telling them ways to bring about the positive change to the oceans. In hopes of keeping the pollution down so that his people could survive.