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I had a dream one night about an apocalyptic world, where everything was obliterated. The air was harsh to breath in because there were no trees to filter and cleanse. The landscape was a million shades of grey and flat except for a few mounds of rubble.

All the sudden, the ground started to shake, timed rumbles under my feet. I would look around trying to figure out what was breaking the eerie silence.

Far over the horizon, it would start emerging. It looked like a walking city. Its legs spinning and bending, making all shapes and depths in the land, pushing up dirt and stone, creating mountains and waterless rivers.

As it heavily danced like a Disney Rhino, the central globe would burn like the sun, after a certain area was converted enough from its previous state, the Machine would squat and like laying an egg, it would almost magically terraform, shooting a mix of green over then land and filling the holes with a water reserve... creating a sustainable land behind it.

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