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It is impossible to walk the streets of Paris and not be transported to different times, filled with major life events, small everyday happenings and architecture from ages past.

There is a street down the block from where I live that made me stop one evening. There isn't anything particularly special about the restaurants on it, the traditional cobble street or any architecture that stands out... but it just happened that I was there as actors from the Performing Arts Academy on rue du Conservatoire were walking after a show. In wild and expressive clothing, some period, some fantasy. They were passing a gorgeous large bank at the end of the street with a huge golden statue and massive hanging street lanterns. It is these moments that you lose your timeline or reality.

I felt like I was witnessing some hidden world that broke through the veil, misfits that paraded through the Parisian streets while the world carried on. 

Madame Rougemont was sketched that night and built shortly after.

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