Deep in the Drahcir region of Nayr. V’Sconia was one of the Succubi, born in the cursed soil from the Trillimac secretion and the magic from the goddess of chaos, Philipa.

To human eyes she was one of the most beautiful women to have ever walked Eraterra.


The king of Segroeg was under her spell when she found out he had a blacksmith who fused magic into the weapons of his army. Through him, she destroyed families, had innocents killed and villages pillaged. Domination was her end game.

It wasn’t until a Scryer saw her in a vision while doing a reading for a boy from a nearby village that her true form was revealed. The boy released her when she possessed him while playing with a spirit board. The succubi in Nayr were trapped when the Goddess Philipa was stopped. The only way out was through possessing a daywalker, the spell to transport needed sun rays to be activated and no light reached where they lived.

The Scryer (Wihelmena) confronted V'Sconia with stealth and speed by casting a containment spell by using all of her mystic energy. V'Sconia was trapped in a magic glass prison, dissolving her mind so that she can hopefully never figure out how to materialize into a living form again.

The magic vial was brought to the Conservator as she was too dangerous to be let out again.